Hair Loss Treatment
Philadelphia, PA

For over 30 years, Dr. Goldfarb has been helping patients experiencing hair loss with a non invasive procedure called Follicular Unit Extraction. Introduced in 2002, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has quickly become the preferred method for hair transplantation because of its important advantages for the patient:

  • NO stitches
  • NO linear scarring
  • NO cutting
  • Little to no downtime post treatment

A more effective and aesthetic alternative to traditional “strip” methods of hair follicle transplantation, FUE uses an instrument that is no larger than 1 millimeter in diameter to harvest single hair follicles from the donor area and transplant them in the recipient area. Dr. Goldfarb incorporates his years of training and experience as a vascular and cosmetic surgeon to skillfully restore a natural looking hairline for those suffering from hair loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the transplanted hair grow normally?

Yes, within a few months you can expect to experience normal growth of the transplanted hair follicles.

Is there downtime after the procedure?

FUE is a simple outpatient procedure. 
There is very little down time and most patients return to their daily routine the next day with minimal discomfort or noticeable scarring.

Am I a candidate for this procedure if I have had a hair transplant before?

Yes, most patients who have had a previous transplant with less than desirable results will be candidates for the FUE procedure. Dr. Goldfarb will discuss expected results during a consultation prior to your treatment.

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