Ideal Candidates for Hair Restoration

There are a variety of reasons patients want to restore hair after hair loss. Hair restoration can achieve your aesthetic goals, giving you more confidence in your appearance. This boost in self-esteem can then carry over to other aspects of your life, improving your overall well-being. To find out which hair restoration procedures can help you, you should schedule a consultation with your doctor. Here are some common characteristics of ideal candidates for our advanced hair restoration restoration philadelphia pa

Dense hair in the donor area

Follicular Unit Extraction, often referred to as FUE, is a hair restoration method that transplants healthy hair follicles to areas of your scalp that are balding. Because this procedure uses your already existing hair, this method works best if you have enough healthy hair on your head that can be transplanted elsewhere. For patients with complete or near-complete hair loss, this may not be the best treatment. The existing hair should ideally be dense enough that the removal of hair from the area will not be noticeable or create additional balding problems.

Overall good health

The FUE method is a surgical procedure, so your doctor will need to conduct a medical evaluation and review your medical history to ensure you are healthy enough for surgery. Your doctor will likely do a lab test of your blood as part of this evaluation. Doctors also recommend that this hair restoration should be done for patients in which the hair loss is not linked to a chronic medical condition. If hair loss is caused by a medical issue, such as lupus, the hair loss is likely to continue even after restoration.

Patience and determination

The hair restoration process can take up to one year following a procedure to show full results. Ideal candidates for this procedure are willing to commit to this lengthy process and the consultations and follow-up doctor appointments that will accompany it. It can be frustrating to continue maintenance of your scalp and hair to wait for months to see results. Patients will have to exude patience and a positive attitude during this period. Contacting your doctor for a consultation is a strong first step in this initiative and sense of motivation.

Hair restoration treatment available in Philadelphia, PA

Hair Restoration Philadelphia offers treatment for patients of all ages and genders in Philadelphia, PA. Our team can find the best hair loss treatment for you during a professional consultation. To schedule an appointment with us, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 215.352.5254.

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