Why Choose a Hair Transplant?

There are multiple ways you could have a full head of hair again. There are creams and things you could try, or you could always go with a wig, toupee, or weave. But a hair transplant can be the best choice for hair loss treatment in Philadelphia, PA. At Hair Restoration Philadelphia, Dr. Richard Goldfarb specializes in the FUE and PRP methods of hair replacement.hair restoration treatment in philadelphia, pa

Natural Looking Results

With either of these methods, you get natural-looking hair. This isn’t like hair plugs back in the day that became very obvious with time. Within a year with the PRP method, you’ll have about 38% of what your full hair coverage will be. After a year with the FUE method, you should see thicker, more mature hair in the transplant areas. It does take months for the hair to reach its full maturity and thickness.


Wigs and toupees aren’t a permanent solution for hair loss. They can fall off and don’t look like your natural hair most of the time. Over time, wigs and toupees lose their luster and don’t look very attractive. With a hair transplant, you’re getting permanent results. Your hair will continue to grow over time and it’ll be your natural hair that’s doing so.

It’s a Simple Procedure

A hair transplant procedure may seem like a scary thing. However, both of our options offer minimal downtime and little to no scarring. The PRP method is simply injections into the scalp to encourage collagen production and hair growth. The FUE method involves a tiny precision instrument that’s used to extract individual donor hair follicles. None of our methods involve actual cutting. They’re simple procedures that provide long-lasting results.

There are no Side Effects

Certain creams and other methods may interact strangely with your skin. There aren’t any side effects that come with either of these procedures. You may experience some slight soreness after them, but that’s it. They both use elements of your own body to complete the process. Therefore there’s no chance that your body is going to reject the treatment.

Hair Loss Treatment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Get back your full head of hair permanently without any debilitating side effects. Call us or schedule an appointment online!

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