Can Drinking Alcohol Be A Cause Of My Hair Loss?

If you have been unable to pinpoint the exact cause of what may be causing your hair loss, it may be worth it to check on how much alcohol you are consuming on a regular basis. We all know that drinking alcohol can and will affect your motor skills until the alcohol works its way out of your system usually last for several hours.

What many of us do not know is the effects that alcohol has on the rest of your body, especially when binge drinking occurs. Here are some other effects that alcohol may have on your body, and you may not even realize it’s happening.


  • Linking alcohol usage and hair loss can be difficult, so you will have to be honest, especially if you are binge drinking on a regular basis. Excessive alcohol usage can prevent your body from consuming the correct amount of nutrients that your body needs. Malnutrition has some very scary side effects, such as a lack of thiamine, and hair loss.


  • You may know this, but drinking alcohol will dehydrate your body. Over time, drinking alcohol excessively will continue to dehydrate your body which can cause your hair follicles to become dry and even brittle which will ultimately cause hair to fall out.

Blood Sugar

  • This fact is most likely not known by most of us, and that is that spiked blood sugar levels have been linked to pattern baldness for years. Alcohol is a major factor in causing blood sugar to spike.

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