Top Five Causes Of Hair Loss In Females

hair loss in women philadelphiaHair loss can happen to both males and females and can be equally frustrating for both sexes. No one is thrilled at the side effects that come from hair loss. Your confidence is likely to take a hit when you have to go out in public and are suffering from hair loss, especially at a young age. We know it’s a struggle dealing with hair loss in women in Philadelphia. That’s why Hair Restoration Philadelphia is here to help.

It makes sense that it can be extra difficult for females, as it is much easier for men to adopt a hairless style. Many men have bald heads, including many in Hollywood such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Vin Diesel. Females, on the other hand, can have a much harder time with society accepting hair loss, as it is a standard tradition that a female has longer hair. We have listed the top 5 causes of hair loss that occur specifically in females. This way you can know the cause of your hair loss and take the appropriate steps to prevent hair loss from occurring.

Not Enough Protein

  • A leading cause of hair loss in females is a lack of protein in your diet. No matter what diet you are on, you should always make sure that you are consuming enough protein on a daily basis, as this will help promote healthy hair growth.


  • Another cause of hair loss that will only occur in women is that you may be pregnant. Even if it is early on in the pregnancy, it can cause hair loss.

Too Much Vitamin A

  • Philadelphia hair loss in women may also occur because of a surplus of Vitamin A. You may want to monitor your diet and how much vitamin A you’re currently consuming. Also, a lot of women take multivitamins, which contain a healthy amount of vitamin A. It’s essential that you count this amount toward your daily intake.

Prior Women In Your Family Lost Their Hair As Well

  • Unlike men, who tend to have a receding hairline passed down, women may have their part widen or have noticeably thin hair. If your mother or grandmother had their part widen or thinning hair, then you are more likely to have the same during your lifetime.

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