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It’s always wonderful to read quality reviews of our work. At Hair Restoration Philadelphia, a provider of hair loss treatment in Philadelphia, PA, we do our absolute best to help our patients look their best. Read more about what our clients have to say about the services at our office.philadelphia, pennsylvania hair loss treatment

Hair Restoration Philadelphia Testimonials

My hair loss has been my biggest insecurity on my body. It made me look 10 years older and discouraged me from being in social situations at times. After the procedure, I was able to regain the head of hair I once had!

-Steve P.

When I was considering a hair transplant I had consultations at the large well-known chains. I found that they offered primarily the “STRIP” method, which results in a large scar on the back of the head. Upon further research I discovered “Hair Restoration Philadelphia”, they specialize in the “FUE” method of restoration. The staff was very helpful and the procedure was excellent. I would recommend Dr. Goldfarb and Dr. Shapiro to anyone seeking this procedure.

-Pete V.

I have been seeing Dr. Goldfarb for over a year now. His staff is always courteous, kind, accommodating, and professional. Dr. Goldfarb performed PRFM scalp injections for me to help with some overall hair thinning. After less than a year, the results speak for themselves. Dr. Goldfarb is caring and trustworthy, and because of that, I would recommend his practice to anyone (and I have!). He is a spectacular doctor and an even better person!

-Danyon K.

The FUE Method of Hair Restoration

At our office, we specialize in the FUE method of hair restoration. This has become one of the ideal methods because it eliminates linear scarring, cutting, and stitches. You don’t have a long downtime after treatment because this is much less invasive than other, traditional methods. There’s also minimal pain, making it more comfortable to get.

The FUE method involves making tiny, circular incisions around a single hair follicle in the donor area. It’s placed in the transplant area following the natural your hair grows. In the ara that provided the donor follicles, many patients report that it’s barely noticeable that it’s been touched at all within a few days of the procedure.

Over time, the hair in the transplant area becomes thicker and fuller. If you were completely bald in that area, it’ll give you a big aesthetic change with a new hairline being created. In areas where the hair was thinning, you’ll notice your hair becoming thicker and more blended.

Hair Loss Treatment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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