Are These Hair Loss Myths True?

The Internet is wonderful because there’s so much information accessible now. However, not all of this information is reliable. Are the myths you’ve heard about hair loss true? Dr. Richard Goldfarb, a provider of hair loss treatment in Philadelphia, PA, has some answers.philadelphia, pa hair loss treatment

Your Hair Loss is Inherited From Your Mother

While hair loss can be genetic, it isn’t only inherited from the mother’s side like you may have heard. That’s an old wives’ tale that’s gained traction over the years. Genetics is actually the most common cause of hair loss, but you can get it from either side of your family. Don’t just blame your mother!

All Males Go Bald By 50

Male-pattern baldness can start at a variety of different times in someone’s life. It is true that once you start losing hair, it doesn’t stop. But the way it progresses is different in every case. Some people may find themselves balding in their 20s, while others are in their 50s and still have a full head of hair.

Shampoo Contributes to Hair Loss

Shampoo is absolutely healthy for your hair. When you’re washing it, it’s normal to lose a few strands. That’s not something you have to be afraid of. This also goes for hair gel and other styling sprays. Style away!

More Testosterone Causes Baldness in Men

No, this doesn’t call male-pattern baldness either. Male-pattern baldness is triggered by a hormone called DHT. While it isn’t fully understood, DHT initiates a process in the scalp where the width of the hair shaft continues to decrease. Eventually, the hair is completely gone or resembles peach fuzz on the scalp.

Stress Causes Hair Loss

Not exactly. Anxiety, stress, trauma, and other conditions can contribute to losing your hair temporarily. However, temporary hair loss isn’t the same thing as male- or female-pattern baldness. It’s able to get your hair back on track after temporary issues. Permanent hair loss requires hair restoration.

The FUE Method of Hair Restoration

For permanent hair loss, the FUE method of hair restoration is effective at restoring your hair. It’s been the preferred method since 2002. You don’t have to worry about cutting, linear scarring, or stitches. A tiny incision is made around a single donor follicle that’s then placed in the donation area.

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