How Hair Loss Can Affect You If You Are A Man Or Woman?

Most people probably don’t even realize how hair loss can affect their self-image and overall confidence. Another fact that most people are probably unaware of is that hair loss can affect women too. Not until recently was it a fad for a woman to be stylish with little or no hair, as it is more often than not, a woman has long hair. Same goes for men these days, as it seems to be a hot trend for men to have long hair or even what the media refers to as a ‘man bun.’

Many of us who are contemplating new hairstyles, such as the ones mentioned above, do not realize how hair loss can impact someone’s life. We have listed some ways that hair loss can affect your life, whether you are a man or a woman. Also, if you are experiencing any early warning signs of hair loss, such as hair thinning or brittle hair, contact us today so to explore some of your hair restoration options.


  • Perhaps the biggest and most concerning issue with hair loss is that self-esteem and loss of confidence that comes with hair loss. Unless you are fortunate enough to be a man and look like Vin Diesel with no hair, or a woman and look like Amber Rose with no hair, then you will most likely not feel your best in public if you are suffering from hair loss.

Lack of Options

  • If you are suffering from hair loss, then you surely know that your options for hairstyles are going to be limited. For some occasions, you may even be confined to wearing some type of hat; for instance, where a nice full head of hair would be enough to keep your head warm in the cold months, may now require you to wear a hat to keep your head warm.


If you are suffering from increased hair loss or thinning hair, schedule a consultation with our office to discuss your options. Our treatment method can provide a safe and non-invasive resolution to your problem of thinning hair or hair loss.

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