Top 3 Benefits of Hair Restoration

Hair loss can be a life-altering condition, whether you are a man or a woman. It can be embarrassing for anyone who has previously had hair and has since lost it.

Well, we have good news for you as we offer two different types of hair restoration that are permanent solutions! So, you will have to hide your hair no longer, feel free to put that hat away for good and let people see your wonderful head of hair.

Besides the obvious reason of having a full head of hair again, we have listed the top 3 benefits to having your hair restored permanently.


  • Our restoration procedures for your hair loss are permanent! There will be no need for follow up treatments or repeating the same procedures every few years to keep the same look. Our hair restoration procedures, whether it’s the FUE method or the PRP method, is a one-time permanent solution for your hair loss.

No Maintenance

  • Since our hair restorations are permanent, that means that your new hair will look, feel, and act just like your original hair. Which means other than using shampoo and conditioner daily, you will have no maintenance guidelines to follow. Well, we forgot to add brushing or combing to our list, but you should know that already.


  • Since our hair restoration procedures are permanent and will allow your body to continue to grow its own hair again, you will not have to continue to come into our office for visits, check-ups, additional treatments. This will save you money from other procedures available today and of course save you money from purchasing over the counter products that do not provide consistent results, like Rogaine.

Schedule A Consultation

If you or a loved one are suffering from hair loss or baldness and would like to learn more about how we can help and for more information on the PRP hair restoration method, FUE method, or any other service, contact Hair Restoration Philadelphia at 215.352.5254 orĀ schedule a consultation online.

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