Is Hair Loss Treatment Invasive?

Getting treatment for hair loss isn’t something that people take lightly. Many men or women decide to look into hair restoration procedures because they want to avoid the look and expense of wigs or toupees. But is Philadelphia, PA hair loss treatment invasive? Dr. Richard Goldfarb of Hair Restoration Philadelphia discusses the process of hair restoration and what it loss treatment in philadelphia, pennsylvania

Non-Invasive Hair Restoration

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. This is the hair restoration method that Dr. Goldfarb has been utilizing for over thirty years. This is a completely non-invasive procedure. This leads to it being a preferred choice for patients looking for hair loss treatment. Patients don’t want an obvious method of hair loss treatment, leading to invasive options being avoided.

The FUE method doesn’t involve cutting, which means little to no downtime after your procedure is completed. There are no stitches required and linear scarring won’t happen either. You can get the hair loss treatment you’re looking for without struggling with the aftereffects.

Hair Loss Treatment With the FUE Method

The FUE method uses a tiny instrument that makes an incision around a single donor hair follicle. It’s then removed and placed into the area receiving the hair restoration treatment, following the natural path of the hair there. Compared to a usual method of cutting, there’s minimal pain when the hair is harvested. Patients report that the area where the hair is removed is barely noticeable after a few days.

Immediately following treatment, you’ll see some scabbing and what almost looks like a rash. This goes away within a few weeks. The active growth stage of your hair loss treatment begins at around the three-month mark. The transplanted hairs start to grow, though they’ll be thinner and lighter at these beginning stages. By the sixth month, 50% of your hairs should be coming in. This means you’re seeing about half of the full result.

A year in, you should see the full result. The transplanted hair is darker, longer, and thicker. The hair should be more mature, giving you fuller coverage. Up to 15% of the hair still may not be fully mature, so the results can only get better after a year!

What to Expect

The FUE method is one that anyone can use. If you’ve attempted hair loss treatment before with results you’re unhappy with, FUE can be done to help. The hair that’s transplanted will grow like normal hair. You’ll have to wait out the initial growth that’s thinner and lighter before the hair follicles fully mature. As the hair matures, you’ll have thicker and fuller hair where it was transplanted.

Hair Loss Treatment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Are you struggling with bald patches and thinning hair? Call us today or schedule a consultation online to determine if the FUE method is right for you.


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