What is the PRP Method of Hair Restoration?

If you need hair loss treatment in Philadelphia, PA, it’s important to know that there are multiple types. The PRP method is one of the popular methods of hair restoration. Dr. Richard Goldfarb of Hair Restoration Philadelphia discusses the PRP method and why it can be beneficial for you.hair loss treatment in philadelphia, pennsylvania

What is the PRP Method?

This method combines PRP (platelet-rich plasma), that’s taken from your own blood, and Selphyl, a natural filler. This method is given through injections, three of them that are given one month apart. Utilizing this method will stimulate collagen production and cell production in the areas where the injections are received. PRP then encourages the hair to grow back naturally.

In the first three months, you should see around a 19.7% increase in hair density. By the time a year has passed, you should see a 38% increase in hair density. Hair will continue to grow in these areas because of the stimulated cells and collagen.

A PRP Expert

Dr. Goldfarb is currently the Medical Director for Selphyl and was involved in the creation and implementation of this PRP therapy. He travels the country instructing on the use of Selphyl as a filler, as well as the PRP treatment in particular. This is a unique treatment option for Philadelphia hair loss treatment and one that Dr. Goldfarb is currently spreading the word about across the county.

The FUE Method

Hair Restoration Philadelphia also offers the FUE (follicular unit extraction) method of restoration. This is a more intensive process of hair restoration. It involves harvesting hair follicles from other areas and transplanting them in the areas where you desire to restore your hair. Those that use PRP usually don’t need or want to go through the process of this procedure.

While it is a more invasive option, Dr. Goldfarb utilizes a method to make the impact as minimal as possible. There are no stitches, no linear scarring, and no full-on cutting. A tiny tool is used to make a small circular incision around a single hair follicle, allowing it to be moved and placed in another area.

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