Regain Your Confidence With Hair Restoration

hair restoration philadelphia paFor most patients who seek treatment for hair loss, regaining their sense of confidence is often the number one reason, followed by wanting to look younger – or their actual age. Hair loss can be the symptom of a wide range of health concerns, but in itself is not a threat to overall well being. It’s main effect is psychological for most, affecting how they feel about themselves more than anything.

Dr. Goldfarb and Dr. Shapiro have established Hair Restoration of Philadelphia to help patients regain their sense of beauty and well being through effective, non surgical treatment options. Through the Follicular Unit Extraction method, Drs. Goldfarb and Shapiro can help patients restore hair that looks and feels natural- with NO stitches, linear scarring or downtime. To boost results and stimulate natural production of healthy cells at the injection site, Dr. Goldfarb uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), or growth factors, derived from the patient’s own blood. This typically provides a denser regrowth of hair in treated areas.

For both men and women, thinning hair and visible bald spots can cause anxiety and stress. Taking the time to discuss their cosmetic concerns and determine the cause of their hair loss can often reduce these feelings and enable patients to regain confidence as they work toward a solution. Dr. Goldfarb and Dr. Shapiro work with patients to both understand their medical history and create a plan of treatment that is suitable to their personal goals and budget. Managing expected results is also important as they can vary, depending on the severity of hair loss, underlying cause and treatment chosen.

At Hair Restoration Philadelphia, all patients are treated with compassion, respect and confidentiality. Dr. Goldfarb and Dr. Shapiro are known for their warm manner and the personalized care they offer patients. Schedule a consultation and learn more about the exciting treatment options we have to offer.

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