The Disadvantages Of Wearing A Wig

Wearing a wig can be an excellent temporary solution while you manage your hair loss. However, there are several disadvantages to wearing a wig that may have you rethinking your decision to wear a wig.

Hair Restoration Philadelphia offers the top disadvantages to wearing a wig and why you may want to consider a more permanent solution that we offer to our restoration philadelphia pa

Wigs Can Prohibit Several Activities

  • Swimming with a wig is 100% out of the question as it will almost certainly come off while swimming. A wig is not permanently attached to your head. Unless you can manage swimming without getting your hair wet, then you will not be able to swim with a wig on.
  • Wigs also need to be removed for bedtime. You can not sleep with your wig on as it will most likely come off while you sleep. Not only will they come off during sleep, but they are more difficult to get untangled as hair often becomes tangled during sleep.

Synthetic Wigs

  • Maintenance for a synthetic wig can be tedious as they need to be carefully hand-washed while not on your head. Synthetic wigs often come with aftercare instructions that are important to follow to extend the life of your wig.
  • Synthetic hair often has a very unnatural shine to it, almost resembling hair from a Barbie doll and does not look natural and can be easily spotted as a wig.
  • Most synthetic wigs will not fit your head as it should unless you have the means to have the synthetic wig measured to properly fit your head. You will most likely have a wig that does not fit properly.

Human Hair Wigs

  • Human hair wigs tend to be much more expensive than synthetic hair wigs, and need to be maintained daily just like you would your real hair.
  • Human hair wigs also have a limited life span to them, and for the extra money, it may be difficult to keep up with a human hair wig. 


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