Treating Female Hair Loss With Amazing Results

Although most of us think of men when it comes to hair loss, many women suffer with the same issue for a variety of reasons. In fact, most women will experience at least thinning hair as they age and hormone levels change.

This type of hair loss is often noticeable on top of the head and can lend a balding appearance that can affect a patient’s sense of confidence in their appearance as well as make them appear older than they are. Dr. Goldfarb and his associates at Hair Restoration of Philadelphia offer a revolutionary treatment option for both men and women that is easy, painless and requires NO downtime.

Hair Loss Treatment With PRP

Dr. Goldfarb has enhanced PRP treatment for hair loss by combining PRP with Selphyl® to create a highly stable matrix that not only delivers the benefits of a patient’s own growth factor in the PRP solution but a natural filler that can also stimulate healthy collagen production. This injection therapy will require 3 or more brief sessions in the comfort of one of our 3 convenient office locations serving Philadelphia, Bucks County and surrounding areas.

The result? A gradual regrowth of hair that is healthy, dense and natural looking.

This female patient shows the dramatic results after about 10 months and 3 PRP/Selphyl injection treatments:

prp hair loss treatment before
Before Treatment

womens hair loss treatment philadelphia pa
After Treatment

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