Treating Hair Loss In Women

ThinkstockPhotos-494367937Women’s hair loss is often an emotional cosmetic concern that can be difficult to openly discuss due to embarrassment about appearance. Many women experiencing this do not know where to turn for treatment or what options are available and effective for hair loss in women.

Hair Restoration Philadelphia offers women understanding, compassion and treatment options for various types of hair loss. Dr. Goldfarb and Dr. Shapiro have many years of combined experience and training as cosmetic physicians who have helped many women and men address cosmetic concerns, including hair loss.

Treating Hair Loss in Women

At Hair Restoration Philadelphia, we offer two treatment options, both of which are enhanced with PRP for the best possible result. We combine our PRP with the natural filler Selphyl® to create a more stable injectable that contains a significantly higher amount of growth factor for a “boost” to your treatment results.

The FUE method provides a minimally invasive option for women who have areas of noticeable hair loss. This method requires no stitches and no downtime. Combined with PRP/Selhpyl® injections, patients can experience natural looking, lasting and denser results that will gradually appear within a year of the procedure.

For women who are experiencing areas of thinning hair, our series of PRP/Selphyl® injections can offer an easy and rewarding solution. The process requires 3 injections, spaced over a period of about 3 months, into the affected area. Combining Selphyl with PRP creates a growth factor rich, stable matrix to inject into targeted areas.

Studies have shown that patients experience a 38% increase in hair density within a year of treatment. This treatment option is highly suited to female hair loss, which typically begins with hair thinning.

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