What Is The Difference Between A Wig and A Weave?

You have probably heard both of the terms ‘wig’ and ‘weave,’ but do you know what the actual difference is between the two? Is one better to use than the other? Is one more recognizable than the other? We are going to give you the breakdown of what a wig actually is, and what a weave is and the pros and cons of both.

What Is A Wig?

  • A wig is a man-made covering for all of your head that can be made with natural or synthetic hair. Wigs are usually glued to your head for the day or a few days and have to be reapplied rather frequently.

What Is A Weave?

  • A weave is also a man-made extension of either natural or synthetic hair designed to make your hair appear longer, thicker or a combination of the two. The weave is either sewn into existing hair or braided into existing hair. Weaves can last much longer than a wig does.

Pros For A Wig

  • You can completely change your style from day to day with a wig and with ease.
  • You have no commitment with a wig, if you do not like the wig, simply take it off, and move onto another style or even color.

Cons For A Wig

  • Wigs are not a long term solution, so while you do not have any commitment with a wig, it can also be an issue if you happen to really like a particular wig as it would need to be re-installed on a regular basis.
  • Unless you purchase a high-end natural looking wig, then they are relatively easy to spot if someone is wearing a wig.

Pros For A Weave

  • A weave is a long term solution and since they are sewn in or braided in, they can last up to three months if installed properly.
  • Weaves can quickly make your hair appear much longer and much more full when applied properly.

Cons For A Weave

  • If your weave is not installed properly, you may damage your natural hair.
  • If you choose to use a natural weave, they can be expensive to install.
  • If you choose to use an inexpensive weave, then you run the risk of the weave tangling or shedding.


If you are suffering from increased hair loss or thinning hair, schedule a consultation with our office to discuss your options. Our treatment method can provide a safe and non-invasive resolution for hair loss. Both wigs and weaves can be excellent products; however, we offer a permanent solution for your hair loss, contact Hair Restoration Philadelphia at 215.352.5254 or schedule a consultation online.

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