The Downsides of a Toupee

If you’re suffering from hair loss, it’s natural to want to get it taken care of as soon as possible. Solutions like wigs and toupees can be obtained quickly so that you can hide your hair loss. But these options don’t work as well as Philadelphia, PA hair restoration. Dr. Richard Goldfarb of Hair Restoration Philadelphia explains why toupees aren’t the best restoration philadelphia, pennsylvania

You Always Have to Worry

One of the biggest downsides of any kind of hairpiece is that you constantly have to be vigilant. A toupee can slip around on your head or get blown away with a sharp gust of wind. There’s always the constant worry that someone is looking at your hair and knows that it’s unnatural. Or what if they don’t realize and want to touch your hair for some reason? These things can often run through your mind, especially in social situations.

They Can Look Unnatural

It’s hard to find a good hairpiece that fully blends in well with your hair. Many toupees are made from synthetic fibers instead of actual hair. They’re overly shiny and glossy, which can give away that you’re covering up your male pattern baldness. It can be hard to match your hair type as well. People tend to notice if you have a huge change in volume compared to when they saw you last week.

They Get Smelly

This is one of the grossest things about a toupee. Since it’s a covering, the natural oils from your scalp tend to build up on the bottom side of the hairpiece. Bacteria often grows on the skin that resides underneath your toupee as well. The combination leads to an unpleasant odor. You have to make sure you’re extremely careful when it comes to keeping things clean.

The Benefits of the FUE Method

The FUE method of hair restoration has become the preferred method of hair restoration in Philadelphia, PA. It’s much less invasive than previously devised methods of hair loss treatment. You don’t have to deal with large incisions or linear scarring with the FUE method. There’s no need for stitches, so there’s also less downtime needed after the procedure.

The FUE method involves Dr. Goldfarb using a small precision instrument to remove a single hair follicle from the donor area. This tiny graft is then placed in the area that’s receiving the hair transplant, matching the natural flow of the hair. Patients report that there’s little to no pain involved in the procedure and that you can barely notice where the donor hairs were taken after the first few days post-treatment.

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