Why the FUE Method is Great for Female Hair Loss

If you’re suffering from female-pattern baldness, it’s natural to want to get it taken care of. A FUE hair transplant in Philadelphia, PA is the solution you’re looking for. Dr. Richard Goldfarb explains why this method is the best choice to take care of female-pattern baldness.fue hair transplant in philadelphia, pennsylvania

What is the FUE Method?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. Introduced in 2002, this is a hair transplantation method that provides many benefits for the patient. After this procedure, there’s little to no downtime. No linear cutting is used, you’ll have no stitches and no scarring.

Using a small instrument that’s designed for precision, to make a circular incision around a donor follicle of hair. The graft is taken from the scalp and placed in the recipient area. There’s no linear scarring in the donor area and you can barely tell that an incision was made. Within a few days, you can barely notice which area was the donor area.

What Causes Female-Pattern Baldness?

By the age of 40, around 40% of women will experience some form of hair loss. Female-pattern baldness can be an emotional experience that impacts your self-esteem greatly. While your hairline doesn’t recede as it would in a man, but the hair becomes thinner all over the entire scalp. There are also some gender-specific causes for female-pattern baldness.

For women, there can be hormonal imbalances that can occur as early as puberty. Things can also change as a result of childbirth or after you experience menopause. Since oral contraceptives contain hormones, things can change when you start or stop them. Lastly, female hairstyles, such as tight braids, can have an impact on your hair.

Why FUE is Best for Female Hair Loss

Many patients are already self-conscious because of their hair loss. You don’t want to have to hide a large, linear scar now too. The FUE method doesn’t give you a big scar to hide. You’re able to develop your hair naturally to help to treat your hair loss, without having a donor area that makes you insecure, too.

One of the downsides people bring up about the FUE method is that it takes a longer time than other methods. This is due to the precision used to transplant individual follicles instead of using a full incision. But this is well worth the wait to not have a large scar. You also don’t have to struggle with downtime after the procedure or worry about stitches and whether things are healing the way they should.

FUE Hair Transplant in Philadelphia, PA for Female-Pattern Baldness

Does the FUE method sound like the right solution for your struggles with female-pattern baldness? Call us or schedule an appointment online.

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